Around 120 of the most important manufacturers of textile machinery and accessories along the textile chain are affiliated within the Association as part of the umbrella VDMA German Engineering Federation. In 2012, the branch exported textile machinery and accessories worth about 3.1billion € and is at the head of the standings by international comparison.

The association’s main activities are economic and technical representation of the branch’s interests, exchange of experiences as well as services such as statistics, observation of significant markets and the promotion of sales in the textile industries throughout the world. The VDMA Textile Machinery Association has already hosted ITMA as the world's largest international textile machinery exhibition several times, last in Munich in 2007 (next ITMA 2015 in Milan, In the technical field, emphases are placed on information regarding statutory provisions for machine safety, standardization and joint research.

VDMA is the organizer of this conference which aims to provide Indian textile manufacturers in-depth knowledge on technical solutions. German technology is the success factor to produce high quality textiles in the area of garment, home textiles and technical textiles.

VDMA - service provider for its member companies and conference organizer

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The members of the Association offer machines and accessories for all production steps of the textile industry. The spectrum ranges from classical spinning or weaving machinery to specific machinery for geotextiles, fish nets, mooring lines or artificial lawns to name only a few.

German textile machinery and technologies open up new production possibilities and application areas for textiles. By continued research and development the German manufacturers aim to ensure higher production speed and more flexible techniques while meeting at the same time high quality requirements, machine availability, reduced maintenance times and an attractive price-performance ratio. Easier operation, reduction of manufacturing costs by process integration as well as material and energy efficiency (sustainability) are further strategies to increase the customers’ benefits.

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Further information about the textile industry and new production trends in India. Contacts to textile associations, universities, manufacturers and other stakeholders of textile business.


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