Circular Knitting Machines

The world market leader for mechanical and electronic single and double jacquard circular knitting machines. Founded in 1905 the enterprise is famous for its outstanding Quality and Reliability. With a network of more than 100 sales and service agencies all over the world, the 100% family owned enterprise is everywhere close to its customers and their needs. Situated in Albstadt, Southern Germany, today the 4th Generation of the Mayer family is already part of the Board of the company.

Manufacturer/Supplier of Circular Knitting machines

What we offer

Our product range covers all possibilities to produce any kind of today’s fabric styles of circular knitted fabrics. In detail we provide:
High productive Mechanical Single Jersey machines for Single structures, Terry fabrics, 2- and 3 thread fleece, Single Jersey striper fabrics
High productive Double Jersey machines for Double Knit structures such as Interlock, Eight-Lock structures, Rib and Rib Structures, Double face fabrics with and without Lay-in Yarn, Double Jersey Striper fabrics
High productive fully electronic Single and Double Knit machines, with Transfer and Striping possibilities, in 2 and 3 way technology
Worldwide Sales and Service network in more than 100 countries

What we are looking for

Software and Knitting training courses, in-house at Mayer & Cie. Albstadt and in our customers’ knitting mills


  • Textile machinery
    • Knitting and hosiery machinery and accessories


Mr Timo Schramm

Area Sales Manager

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