Textile Machinery

Merz Maschinenfabrik GmbH has been producing knitting machines since the early 1900s and have specialised in medical hosiery knitting machines since the early 1970s and today is the biggest specialist supplier of MCH knitting machines in the world. Their machines are capable of knitting anti-embolism hosiery and graduated compression hosiery in classes 1, 2 and 3, in addition to support stockings. The machines can knit hosiery with reciprocal heel and toe or open-toes. The CC4 II machine is available in gauges E16 to E41 and diameters between 3¾ and 6 inches to cover the range of medical compression hosiery normally required. The 4 feed CC4II machines have an individual electronic needle selection: 2 for feeds for knitting base yarn and 2 feeds for inlay yarn.

Knitting technology for compression stockings


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Mr Martin E. Rein

Sales Manager

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