Agent for HEUSCH

UNIDAV INDIA is Professional marketing and consulting company with the experienced team of more than 2 decades. Our expertise is Textile machinery, Accessories and turn key projects. Our International partners are Heusch Germany among others. We are exclusive distributor of various brands in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Heusch Shearing Blades

What we offer

Complete Line of Finishing Machines
Raising Machine
Shearing Machine
Brushing Machine
Polishing Machine
Policut (Shearing Polishing combined)
Sueding Machine
Dying & Dryer

Shearing Spiral Blades
Shearing Ledger Blades
All type of Raising Fillet
All type of Brushing Fillet
All type of Cleaning Brush Fillet


Mr Mr. Davinder Singh



I am the CEO of the company, engaged in International Marketing and Procurement.
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