Process control and automation

The company Mahlo + Co. KG, located in Germany (Saal/Donau), develops and produces since many decades high-tech measurement and control equipment for the textile and nonwoven industry. The family owned company made it its business to be the link between the textile and electronic industry and offers the end-users technically up-to-date, economically viable, problem-resolving proposals for
- Process and quality control and monitoring (weight, thickness, moisture, etc.)
- Weft straightening
- Residual moisture / Exhaust humidity control
- Pattern and repeat measurement and control
- Product inspection

Automation and process control that pays for itself

What we offer

The Mahlo GmbH + Co. KG is one of the world’s leading producers of measurement, control and automation systems for the textile industry and for the paper, foil and coating sector.

The products are designed to set standards in quality assurance and process optimization. The goal is to work together with the customer to identify the most competitive and cost-effective production solutions.

The aim is to maximize ROI and value-add by reducing the usage of energy, raw material and human resources while optimizing quality, equipment utilization and work flow.

The range of products and system-related solutions is most comprehensive and contains among other solutions for:
- Process and quality control
- Weft straightening
- Pattern and repeat measurement and control
- Product inspection

What we are looking for

We can supply solutions for customers of the textile, nonwoven, paper, foil and coating industry.


  • Textile machinery
    • Nonwoven machinery and accessories
    • Finishing machinery and accessories
    • Laboratory testing and measurement equipment and accessories
    • other machinery, components and accessories
  • Textile production
    • finishing of textiles
    • natural fibers
    • man-made fibers
    • garment
    • home textiles
    • technical textiles
    • braiding
    • nonwoven manufacturer


Mr Thomas Höpfl

Sales Director

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