Textile Machinery

Allma in Kempten, Germany together with Volkmann in Krefeld, Germany forms the business unit Allma Volkmann within the new Saurer Group which continues 160 years of the successful company history of Saurer in the manufacture of textile machinery. For decades, Allma has been constantly setting milestones in twisting and cabling technology. As innovation leader Allma offers world leading and energy efficient technology for tire cord and industrial yarns. Textile tradition and up-to-date technologies merge to a symbiosis of know-how, quality and product reliability.
In the presentation, Allma will inform you about the latest technologies and innovations, focusing on award-winning energy saving solutions in direct cabling and very high flexibility in technical yarn processing.

Allma twisting and cabling solutions for industrial yarns and tire cord – latest developments

What we offer

CableCorder CC3
High performance cabling and twisting machine with ultimate flexibility for the production of 1- to 3-ply tire cord and industrial yarns

CableCorder CC4
Award-winning and energy saving direct cabling machine for the production of balanced high quality 2-ply tire cord

TechnoCorder TC2
Multiflexible two-for-one twisting machine for processing high-quality 1- to 6-ply technical yarns made of single and plied yarns for opening up new markets


  • Textile machinery
    • Twisting and winding machinery and accessories


Mr Armin Geigle

Regional Sales Director

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