Machine manufacturer

Lindauer DORNIER GmbH, located in South Germany, was founded by Peter Dornier and has been a leading producer of weaving machines since 1950. In 1985, it became a private owned company.
The production range comprises rapier and air-jet weaving machines for all applications in technical textiles, home textiles and clothing fabrics.
For their innovative customers DORNIER also supplies "customized solutions" for all kinds of fabrics.
With subsidiaries in the USA, China, India and Turkey, DORNIER is internationally positioned.
Lindauer DORNIER GmbH also enjoys a high worldwide reputation as leading manufacturer of film production lines.

Weaving machines

What we offer

In both business segments – weaving machines and film stretching lines – DORNIER has established itself as one of the market leaders wordwide. Furthermore the Southern German company is market leader in the field of specialty machines for engineering and producing plants for superfine plastic films.

Among the final products of the weaving machine are the most demanding fabrics such as airbags, carbon fabrics for composite structures or aramide fabrics for fireproof and bulletproof applications. The DORNIER system family is also the optimum tool to produce top class fashion denim, elaborated Jacquard patterns or delicate worsted fabrics.

What we are looking for

Customers of all kind of applications in technical textles, home textiles and clothing fabrics. As well as manufacuturer with customized solution demand.


  • Textile machinery
    • Weaving machinery and accessories


Mr Thierry Dossmann

Sales Manager

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