Textile Machinery

More than a 140 years ago Ernst and Berthold Körting formed the company, today active as engineering partner and component supplier.

As special product the Körting Hannover AG is offering for the Textile – Finishing Process
Caustic-Recovery-Plants (CRP) for Mercerizing Lye since 1956 and sold more than
160 CRP – Plants in more than 50 countries.

• The right investment to recover lye from
- piece dyed fabrics
- yarn dyed fabrics
- denim
• Saving of fresh caustic and of neutralizers
• Maximum energy efficiency including heat recovery
• Compact construction for high versatility
• Tailor made design according to customer’s requirements
• Recovery of mercerizing caustic - strictly separating caustic flows from heating/cooling flows


What we offer

Caustic Recovery Plants (CRP) for mercerising lye.
Even for
- yarn dyed fabrics and for
- denim
we can offer tailor made solutions to ensure the maximum lye recovery.
With our Caustic Recovery Plant you can:
- decrease the operation costs
- increase the sustainability (approx. 85% recovery)
- get rid of the waster water problem

What we are looking for

Companies with a mercerising machine and without caustic recovery, who want to:
- get rid of their waste water problem
- reduce their operating costs
- increase the sustainability of their process
- benefit from tailor made solutions
- make use of well designed machinery "made in Germany"
- get quick and experienced after sales service


  • Textile machinery
    • Finishing machinery and accessories


Mr D.G. Guru

Vice President

Mr Karl Hesse

Project manager

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