Textile Machinery Components

Heusch is the world's oldest manufacturer of precision blades for the textile industry. Since 1850 Heusch is producing
- concave spiral blades
- ledger blades
- complete shearing cylinders
- complete shearing units
for any type of textile or carpet shearing machines.
The company is located is Aachen in the western part of Germany

Shearing blades and shearing cylinders for textile and carpet shearing machines

What we offer

- genuine Heusch concave spiral blades
- high capacity ledger blades
- high-capacity shearing cylinders
- caulked-in spiral blades
- complete shearing units for all types of shearing machines
- reblading and grinding of shearing cylinders

What we are looking for

- textile finishing companies
- blanket manufacturers
- carpet manufacturers
- polar vlice manufacturers
- terry towel and nicki manufacturers


Mr Thomas Schäfer

General Manager

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