Textile machinery

Founded in 1892, Thies GmbH & Co. have specialised in the manufacture of yarn- and fabric dyeing machines, bleaching and drying plants for more than 120 years.
The traditional family business is situated in Coesfeld, North Rhine Westphalia, north of Düsseldorf and approx. 40 km west of the ancient Hanse city of Münster.
The company is represented worldwide through a network of Agencies and maintains its own sales and service branches in Bangladesh , China, France, India, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey and USA.
High quality Thies products are exported to textile dyeing and finishing factories all over the world.
The company maintains a continuous research and development program, capable for the improvement of existing products and innovative development.
In development, design and manufacture of the products sophisticated techniques are used such as CAD, CAM as well as computer controlled manufacturing centres.
To meet the stringent demand of our clients the machines and further equipment are manufactured and certified corresponding to the technical regulations of their countries (TÜV, ASME, APAVE, DLI etc.).
In year 1993 Thies introduced a quality control system as per TÜV-CERT DIN ISO 9001/EN 29001.
In the factory-own Research Dyehouse in our headquarter in Coesfeld, customers can carry out trials and tests on their own material under production conditions on the latest yarn- and fabric dyeing machines.

Yarn - and fabric dyeing machines, bleaching and drying plants


Mr Hermann Freericks


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