Textile machinery

KARL MAYER is the world leader in producing warp knitting machines and warp preparation units for weaving and warp knitting. With its innovations the company sets the technical standards of the trade and assists its customers all over the world with comprehensive support, covering a competent and fast service as well as practical staff training, and rendering help for the development of new products.
Company data:
Setting up: 1937
2,000 worldwide, 1,100 in Germany
Business units:
Warp Knitting
Warp Preparation
Technical Textiles
Parts and Components
Production locations:
Germany, China, Italy, Japan
USA, Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, Switzerland
Export share:
About 90 %

Warp knitting machines, Warp preparation machines for weaving and warp knitting

What we offer

-High-performance tricot machines and
Raschel machines for the production
of elastic and rigid fabrics, sports wear,
lingerie, semi- technical textiles …
-Double-bar Raschel machines for the
production of warp knitted spacer fabrics,
or seamless fabrics
-Lace Raschel machines, e.g.
Texronic®Lace, Jacquardronic®Lace
-Warp knitting and Raschel machines with
magazine weft insertion, e.g. the
-Multiaxial Malitonic® and Biaxial warp
knitting machines,

-Warp preparation units for weaving and warp knitting, e.g.
- Sizing and assembling machines
- Sectional warping machines
- Warp sampling machines
- Indigo dyeing machines
- Creels
- Direct Warping machines

What we are looking for

We are looking for customers of:
textile industry , weaving mills, knitting mills, garment and home textile manufacturers, technical textile producers


  • Textile machinery
    • Knitting and hosiery machinery and accessories
    • Weaving machinery and accessories
  • Textile production
    • knitting mill
    • weaving mill
    • natural fibers
    • man-made fibers
    • garment
    • home textiles
    • technical textiles


Mr Peter Obrist

Regional Sales Manager

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