Finishing machinery and accessories

The ERBATECH GmbH is an internationally active manufacturer of textile machines as well as plants and equipment for the waterproofing industry.
At our plant with 110 employees in Erbach (near Frankfurt / Main – Germany) we develop and produce facilities and machines for wet finishing of woven and knitted fabrics and carpets. The product portfolio also includes the production of machines and plants for waterproofing/sealing membranes and shingles.
ERBATECH runs another manufacturing base in Coimbatore / South India where 60 employees mainly produce textile machines for the Indian and Asian area.

Manufacturer of textile finishing machines

What we offer

- Open-width washing machines
- Padding and impregnating machines
- Padding mangles
- Bleaching plants, continuous
- Rope washing machines
- Suctions extractors
- Yarn washing / dyeing machines
- Continuous dyeing machines for carpets
- HT dyeing apparatus for cones / beams
- Steam / vacuum dryers
- Fabric guiding devices
- Dyeing spindles, dyeing tubes and cones
- Dye beams


  • Textile machinery
    • Finishing machinery and accessories


Mr Klaus Bergmann

Managing Director ERBATECH India


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